Tatyana (Татьяна)
Преподаватель и переводчик английского и французского языков

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Hello, everyone! My name is Tatyana. I am an English and French tutor. Languages are not only my job, but also it’s my life. I think if a person learns foreign languages, he can travel to any countries he wants, communicate with foreigners without any problems and enjoy watching foreign films and listening to music. If you want to learn foreign languages and you don’t know how to start it, my lessons help you to learn them in a friendly atmosphere.

I have been teaching English and for 6 years, so my experience and knowledge will help you to read, speak foreign languages, we will watch different videos, listen foreign speech and you learn more about languages with me, so if you wish you could be closer to foreign languages, welcome to my English lessons!

Michael (Майкл)
English courses with native speaker (exams, pronunciation, conversational)

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Hi, my name is Mike, I’ve been a teacher for twenty years. I teach English Language, English Literature, History, and Drama. In my other lives I have been an events organizer, ran a travel agency, worked as a tour guide, and, for 15 years, been a professional actor where I have worked in film, theatre, television, and on radio. My hobbies include reading, current affairs, and armchair travel! I also run a youth drama group and present plays covering the acting spectrum. Comedies, tragedies, classic and modern. These help the young actors with “life-skills”, especially improving their sight-reading and comprehension skills. All my life I have enjoyed the English language, whether reading it, speaking it, or performing it. From Shakespeare to flow-charts I enjoy its’ simplicity and complexity. I love the variety, the scope, and the possibilities it encourages. I love the gravitas, the word play, the puns, metaphors and the irony. It expands and evolves every year, and I look forward to sharing it with you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kerry (Керри)
Business English teacher

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My name’s Kerry and I’m English. I come from Bristol in England. I have been living in Spain on the Costa Blanca, Spain, since 2004. I love the Spanish culture and the lovely sunny climate. Before moving to Spain I lived in France for 13 years.

I’m an English teacher and I’ve been teaching English since 2003. Before training and qualifying as an English teacher I worked for an International Computer company and was involved in training and implementation projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa. I have visited Eastern European countries such as Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia. I specialise in teaching adults and have a lot of experience teaching Business English at all levels.

My hobbies are swimming, sailing, skiing, reading, dancing and cooking. I love meeting new people and travelling to new countries. I therefore look forward to talking to you in my lessons.


Svetlana (Светлана)
Преподаватель английского языка и русского, как иностранного

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Hello, I'm Svetlana. Ever since I was a child I dreamt to see the world. I chose to become a teacher of English to have the most essential tool to fulfill my dream - language. To be able to communicate, I believe, is the gate-opening skill everyone should have. Now my dream is coming to life and I am very happy and proud to suggest my students to make the first step into their brilliant future together.

I have been teaching English and Russian language to kids and adults for 8 years now. And their experience proves the simple truth: everyone can talk! Language is a habbit, the more you do it - the better you are at it. So I make my lessons appealing to the interests and personality of the student, so that you could have fun and relax while learning. Just have a try and you'll see how far you can go!

Helen (Елена)
Преподаватель английского (CAE) и немецкого языков

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Hello! My name is Helen, I am a professional teacher of English with 5 years' teaching experience and I will be glad to improve your English skills for different purposes.

I teach my students every-day conversational English, as well as Business English, I prepare students for State Exams as well as help them with their homework ;) I make individual programmes for each of my students, according to their age, interests, aims, so you will be given as much individual guidance as possible. At our lessons we will not only work with English textbooks, but also listen to and discuss different songs, short videos, movies, articles and other authentic materials.

As for my background, I have got a teacher-training education, I have an international Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), I have done several internships, participating in the international programmes in Slovakia and the USA. I am open to everyone and I am looking forward to meeting you!

Alison (Элисон)
English courses with native speaker (pronunciation, conversational, exams)

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Hello. My name´s Alison. I´m English and I was born in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. I now live in Spain, on the beautiful Costa Blanca north where I´ve lived since 2003.

I´ve been teaching English for a long time and I absolutely love it! Before I was an English teacher, I worked for many years as an Office Manager in the Education Department and then as a European Funding Officer in the Economic Development department of my local government offices. I enjoy listening to music, socialising with friends, going for long walks with my dogs (I have three!) and watching really good movies.

I have experience in teaching English to young children, teenagers and adults from beginners to advanced and I think it´s really important to make lessons fun and interesting for you! I´d love to help you with your English and I´m so much looking forward to talking with you!

Alistair (Алистер)
Business English and Cambridge exams preparation

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Hello! My name is Alistair. I was born in Scotland, but grew up in Cambridge, England. I qualified as a teacher in 2000 (TESOL). Since then I have accumulated a variety of experience including teaching full / part time at language schools and also as a freelancer. I am an interesting, creative person with good organizational skills and an effective teaching method.

Apart from teaching I have worked for several years as a business development / marketing officer for an export-oriented Russian company. Therefore, with regard to business English, I have a wealth of personal experience. I am able to tailor lessons to the particular needs of the student, be it legal, marketing, retail etc. I also have expertise in copy writing and have worked as a Russian-English translator / editor. I believe that being fluent in a second language gives me great insight into what is required to develop and improve language skills.

I have experience in training students for Cambridge exams (FCE, CAE, CPE). As for conversation, I have a wide range of interests and an interesting life history, so I am willing and able to talk about almost anything.

As I am very resourceful, patient and flexible, I’m sure you’ll find that studying with me is both fruitful and enjoyable.


Marina (Марина)
Преподаватель и переводчик английского языка, политолог-международник

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Hello! My name is Marina and I might be your future teacher! I’ve been teaching English for about 3 years and I just ADORE it!!! Earlier I worked with adult students, groups and taught corporate classes.

I love to help my students with all the complicated grammar staff, tricky words & phrases etc. I take it it’s great to share your knowledge with other people and to see their progress! Then you realize what the sense of your life is! Besides English I also speak Ukrainian, some Croatian and Serbian and I’m planning to start learning French. I also love traveling very much and hate doing boring work! In the nearest future I am going to fulfill some my dreams – to visit France, Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia! (though I have already been to Croatia).

So, to make my story short, I’m waiting for you on Skype! Let’s learn English and have fun!

Alesya (Алеся)
Business English

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Здравствуйте, меня зовут Алеся. Я - профессиональный преподаватель английского языка. Мне всегда приятно заниматься любимым делом, и я это делаю уже более 4-х лет. Я считаю, что важно не только научить человека языковым аспектам, но также погрузить его в языковую культуру. Также у меня большой опыт преподавания Business English и я всегда готова поделиться с Вами этим опытом и своими знаниями. Со мной, как с преподавателем, Вам не придется скучать, у меня много разных хобби и интересов, таких как чтение, спорт и др. Я знаю, как сделать занятия максимально приближенными к ситуациям в реальной жизни. Если Вы действительно хотите изучать язык качественно, но в то же время интересно, то Welcome to my classes!

Sara (Сара)
English courses with native speaker (business, exams, conversational. children)

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Hello, my name is Sara. I have been teaching English for over 5 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in English Language Learner Studies and a TEFL Diploma. I have taught private and group classes, children and adults, in schools and companies. I can also teach medical and business English. I am a very social person that enjoys meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I love traveling and learning new languages. As a bilingual person, I know the challenges that come with learning a new language. Therefore, I try to make my classes fun and dynamic, as well as productive. I want to help my students reach their English goals by teaching new vocabulary and grammar, practicing conversation and correcting pronunciation. I look forward to speaking with you in my classes! See you soon!

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