Thomas (Томас)
Business English and exams preparation

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My name is Tom and I am from Vancouver, Canada. I currently reside in Guadalajara, Mexico. I enjoy music, politics, writing, exercising and traveling. I am studying Spanish and learning how to play guitar. As a teacher, I can be best described as dedicated, passionate, experienced, and competent. As a person, I'm considered to be curious, outgoing, goal orientated and understanding.

I have over 12 years of teaching experience covering a broad array of levels and programs with extensive experience in Business English and corporate programs as well as preparation for official exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and so forth. I am a passionate, yet patient professor who enthusiastically imparts the considerable knowledge I have in a manner that is easily assimilated by my students, regardless of their age, level or program. I am looking forward to working with students who are dedicated to their personal & professional development.

Anna (Анна)
Post graduation course in ph science

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My name is Anna, and I am fond of English! I have been working as a teacher at National University for seven years and also I have one-year internship in Chinese University as a foreign teacher of English. That’s why I think that modern technologies of study based on traditions, language science and new trends give the best results. I'd like to say that I am easy-going and friendly person. I like working with people so it isn't going to be a problem to get on with me! I have a wide range of interests (literature, movies, travelling and others) and also I completed PhD Investigation in Philological science. As a teacher I always do my best to get my students interested and involved into the process of studying. In my opinion, the best thing teachers can do is to motivate their student, that’s why I prefer to have dynamic, interesting and efficient lessons. So, if you are ready to make a step into English-speaking world with me you are welcome!

Alla (Алла)
Преподаватель английского и немецкого языка

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Greetings! My name is Alla. How are you today?) My motto always sounds like this: “Dream! Reach your dream! Improve yourself!" Since my childhood I dreamed to become a teacher of foreign languages. And here I am! I have been working as a teacher of English and German for 4 years. I worked at English speaking camp AKKORD: as English teacher and an interpreter for native speakers there. Then I spent the amazing days, teaching pupils English and German at the specialized school. I am an active traveler. I traveled to many European countries. I have studied in Germany where also got a great experience of teaching. I always try to make my lessons full of various methodologies: role play games, watching films and discussing them, listen to native’s speech, making up dialogues and acting them out. If you want to learn or improve your English – be sure, my methodologies and my knowledge will bring you 100 % success!=) Looking forward to our lesson) See you soon :)

Sophie (Софи)
Exams, professional and conversational English

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Hi, my name is Sophie. I am a qualified TEFL teacher and native English speaker with a degree in English Literature and two and a half years’ experience teaching in private language schools, university and online. I am friendly and patient and enjoy working together with students to provide a fun and dynamic learning experience. My lessons focus on communicative skills as well as providing clear and concise help with grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. I have eight years’ experience working in Media, PR and online communications for NGOs in London and can cater to business English for marketing and PR professionals. I am also experienced with IELTs preparation. My hobbies include literature, creative writing, cooking and painting and I also love learning languages, so I fully understand the challenges my students face. I look forward to hearing from you!

Christina (Кристина)
Conversational, professional and general English

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My name is Christina and I am originally from Ontario, Canada. I love traveling and meeting new people! Currently, I live in Thessaloniki, Greece. I am a native English speaker and love the English language! I also speak Greek fluently, French and Spanish very well, and a smattering of Japanese. I know from my own experience how challenging it is to learn a new language.

I would love to help you become more comfortable expressing yourself in English! My first English-teaching job was in 1998 and over the years I have helped many children and adults learn how to communicate in English. I am a patient and enthusiastic teacher and can adapt to your needs, whether it’s improving your conversational English skills or preparing for official exams. I have taught preparation courses for FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL and IELTS also. I have a business and legal background and can help you develop the vocabulary you need to communicate more confidently in a formal setting. I hope to meet you soon.

Valery (Валерия)
Преподаватель и переводчик английского языка

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Hello! I’m Valeria. And I am happy to meet you here. New knowledge gives us new experience. I would be glad to become your guide in learning English. I work as a private teacher for 4 years. I work with both kids and adults. I like this job as I am happy to help my students to learn something new, to get closer in learning English. I also think that not just a teacher, but also a student can teach me something. I try to combine different methods on my lessons. Teaching English makes me happy. I feel wonderful when my students have success. To my mind, learning English is not scaring. It could be a lot of fun! Just be curious! Ask questions, read books, watch movies, sing songs! It is also great to find English-speaking friends!  English could be the key which open the door to a new life with new friends.

As for me, I am an active person. I enjoy reading, listening to music, photography, travelling, and meeting new people. Moreover, I like animals and nature. So, do you dream of learning English? I would be happy to help you to achieve this dream. Welcome to my lessons!

Colin (Колин)
CELTA teacher

Hi! I am a native English speaker from York in the U.K who values the importance of communication amongst people all over the world and believes that LEARNING LANGUAGES CAN BE really interesting! Having lived, worked and studied abroad (mainly in Norway and Poland), I understand first-hand the many challenges one faces when learning and communicating in a foreign language. In turn, I am able to help English language students overcome these challenges and gain confidence in their communication. As English has become such an important skill for connecting with the world at large – be it for business, education or pleasure – I am eager to do all I can to support you in reaching your individual goals. I look forward to discussing your personal aims and coming up with a strategy that will ensure that your English language skills can help you achieve them! I am 38 years old and have been teaching English as a qualified English native for 7 years in Poland at Empik School and Warsaw study centre the biggest schools in Warsaw. I have also taught via the internet to students from Poland and Russia for 2 years .I took the Cambridge CELTA exam for teaching and passed in 2004 .My hobbies include teaching, travel ,reading, psychology and socialising. I have taught in group classes at all levels but usually teach from intermediate to proficiency level on a one to one basis. I currently teach business English, conversational classes and exam preparation class’s .I specialise in teaching pronunciation and will point out your grammar mistakes which we would evaluate together at the end of each lesson. Homework grammar tasks that I set will be related to your errors. For business English I would use Market leader and such websites like the financial times or economist for recent authentic materials. For listening practice, I would use clips from you tube or British comedy episodes. I feel that repetition and motivation are the most important elements in learning and that lessons should be stress free. I welcome you as a new student at on-line teacher!

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Nataly (Наталья)
Преподаватель и переводчик английского языка и литературы

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Hello, my name is Nataly, and I invite you to make an exciting trip into the magic world of the English language.

Chekhov said that we are humans as many times as many languages we know. And it's true. Learning English means more than simply improving speaking skills. It means making an insight into a new unknown world through the culture and history. More and more countries accept English as the world language nowadays, so, discovering English means discovering the entire modern world. No matter if you are an adult or a child, if you need business course or choose the speaking one, I'd like to accompany you in this journey, doing my best to make it easy and interesting for you.

Having the Master's Degree in teaching English, I will be a good guide in getting into the abyss of Grammar, climbing the mountain of Pronunciation, sailing in the Vocabulary and Set Phrases Ocean and of course, reaching the Star of Speaking. So, let’s start our journey! Hope to see you soon online :)

Katherine (Екатерина)
Преподаватель и переводчик английского и французского языков

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Hello, I’m Katherine. I think that English is the language of world communication. Though, the person who wants to be successful, must know it very well. Moreover learning of foreign languages develops our nature as well. I enjoy teaching English very much because I help my students to be confident in life. I try to use different materials at lessons, which make learning more interesting and fun.

When you know languages you know the world. That’s why I don’t want to stop. I also learn French and Spanish and involve in this process my 5 year-old daughter. So if you want to make you first step to realisation of your personal potential start learning english and I will help you!

Milena (Милена)
General and Conversational English, Pronunciation course

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Hello, my name is Milena. I live in Alabama, USA with my husband, our young daughter, and our cat. I graduated from high school in a charming little place called Westtown in the state of Pennsylvania, where I made a lot of friends from Korea. Their language intrigued me and I ended up majoring in Korean Studies with focus on the Korean language in University. I continued my studies in Seoul, Korea where I majored in Linguistics and Area Studies.

I like to think that learning a new language gives me one more way to understand the challenges that other students may meet when learning English. I lived in Korea for eleven years. During this time I taught English language to young children, teenagers, and adults in various settings. I love talking, and I enjoy getting you to talk even more. I am friendly, patient, and attentive. I enjoy finding out about my students and can tailor my teaching style and materials, as much as the curriculum allows, to their interests. I have taught mostly conversation, grammar, and reading comprehension classes. I make an effort to make a class informative but fun. I consider a class successful if there is something learned and a laugh has been shared. I look forward to meeting you!

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