Irina (Ирина)
Преподаватель английского языка, переводчик

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Hello! I am Irina, and I hope we will achieve great results working together. I have two diplomas in teaching and international economics. Between these specialities I have chosen the teaching profession because I love communicating and getting real results from my students.

I  have been teaching English for 10 years and I will never change my profession because I love it!  Talking about my personal qualities I am creative, communicative and open-minded person.  To be honest I love to work with children because I am still a child deep inside.  I enjoy playing games, singing songs  and watching cartoons with my little students. Besides I prepare students for state or  language exams and also for travelling as I adore it!

As for my hobbies, I like travelling, learning languages, singing and playing the guitar. I visited London this summer and took a  lot of material from there. Besides I  made new friends there, who made my trip incredible. In the near future I would like to visit Canada and Australia. Let me help you to break down  the language barriers!


Nona (Нона)
Преподаватель и переводчик английского и французского языков

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Hi everyone, I’m Nona. When I was a child I had two dreams - to visit America and to teach people English. So I started learning English and made everything for it. Now I teach English, I have an opportunity to communicate with different people all over the world. I enjoy teaching very much. I make my every lesson interesting, dynamic; use different material, which helps my students not only to learn English but also to become more confident in speaking, expressing themselves and communicating on every topic they wish.

I also like bicycling, yoga and dancing. I’m learning Italian as well. It helps me to understand my students and their needs better. And of course it’s very exciting process. My dream has come true and I want to help you with yours – to know English and to speak it freely and fluently. See you soon!

Valentina (Валентина)
Преподаватель и переводчик английского и французского языков

Hello! I’m Valentina. I know one interesting and useful quotation that helps me in my work: "A good teacher must be able to put himself in the place of his students to help them with learning". Learning English is very exciting and amazing process. You can use it to get new information, to meet new people, to get new job or a position in our society. It also improves your memory and make you confident and educated person.

Don’t be afraid of making the first step into learning English with online technologies. Every day you’ll become closer to your dream. Ask your teacher, read books, watch films and videos in English. That’s how you will learn it and I’ll be very glad to help. Welcome to my lessons!

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